The First Urban Food Hall in Las Vegas


Opening Summer 2019


Welcome to the new wave of culinary exploration—where you can experience unique food creations, all while immersing yourself in the community atmosphere in the heart of Las Vegas.

With its upscale and innovative design, paired with the creative collaboration of talented artisans—including renowned chefs, musicians, artists, and more—Charleston Hall proves that you can find excitement beyond The Strip.


We invite you to come and experience the newly budding artisan culture and incredible dishes that have made food halls a popular concept in some of the country’s largest cities.


Dine, socialize, and enjoy what local Las Vegas has to offer.

If you are interested in having your restaurant at Charleston Hall, click here to learn more.


Six curated restaurant concepts will take residence within Charleston Hall and provide customers with a diverse selection of cuisine.

Open for lunch and dinner daily.


Mixologist serve a variety of custom cocktails, wine and beer to complement the food options. Bar guests will enjoy an open and airy floor plan featuring views of the Arts District and exceptional art collections… all just steps away from six unique food concepts. Visit Charleston Hall for dinner with family and friends, lunch with colleagues or just enjoy casual drinks and entertainment any night of the week.


Always a work in progress. Artists from around the world will be invited to share their inspirations within the actual interior design of Charleston Hall. Curated by the founder, Steve Mardirossian, art will be the focal point and conversation piece within each corridor.

Las Vegas Arts District

A hidden gem in a city known for its larger-than-life reputation, the Las Vegas Arts District is a growing locality of makers and creatives that have teamed up to create the place to be among trendy locals. This emerging area has gentrified the urban footprint of art, music, food and more to create a truly cool and exciting experience for both the small business on which it’s built, as well as the consumers to visit. With its warm sense of community and newly budding artistic culture, the Arts District proves that Vegas is more than just The Strip.